The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Women’s Take

On 23 November, we were at Palais des Nations for the #LibraryTalks, discussing the role of women in shaping the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as historical narratives, present progress and challenges, and future perspectives of human rights.

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Did you know?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the most translated document in the world available in more then 500 languages. It is the first international document that deals with human rights applying equally to women and men. Rwanda is one of two countries that have more women then men in their parliament.

Speaking about past and present of human rights, the panellists noted that we have made a lot of progress, but now it is a critical time as human rights under attack. Therefore, we decided to pose a question to the speakers on how they see the future of human rights, to which they replied that they have optimism for further progress on human rights with help of emerging technologies, and believe that the next generation will bring a lot of perspectives. And how do you see the future of human rights?

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