Women's rights in post-conflict

This March in Geneva, the 31st session of the Human Rights Council will be celebrated. The Asociaci贸n Miraismo Internacional has organized a parallel event called Women's rights in post-conflict, which aims to provide a reflection on the human rights of women and their participation in peacebuilding.

The Asociaci贸n Miraismo Internacional understands that the position of women throughout time has always been underrated in areas that are considered as owned men, as in the case of war, specifically post-war and during peacebuilding. Women are one of the main elements in the process of reconciliation, since they are associated with each other to seek recognition of the injustices suffered, both physical and psychological, in armed conflicts.

Therefore, the resilience of women and their importance in the family is the key to reconciliation and deepening of the culture of peace without which the peace process would not be possible.

The event will be held in Room XXI of Palais des Nations in Geneva at 16:30 on the 18th of March 2016.

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